Wood industry reactive power compensation solution

Spanish New world wood company is a factory which can produce 80,000 middle density board every year, this factory low voltage power distribution room have two set of transformer, the one is 1000KVA, another is 2000KVA transformer single-row operation, in which 2000KVA transformer's load is mainly hot pressing workplace, chipper, defibrator, dry fan and so on; main load of 1000KVA transformer is sanding machine, boiler workplace water pump room and so on, before reforming, there's a lot of problem in reactive power compensation, main problem is:the utilization rate of devices reactive is very low, total power factor couldn't reach the standard, have electric charge fine record, and Its power of end use devices is low, wire is too long, and all don't have compensation devices, wire loss is very big and so on, so this factory have big space of power saving.


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