Lafarge Malayan Cemen


Lafarge, established in 1833, is the largest cement manufacturer all over the world as well as one of Fortune Global 500. Paipur Lafarge cement factory that is capable of producing 5000 tons cement per year absolutely ranks the champion position in the local market. In August 2009, the personnel from service department of Worldwide Group flied to Indian installation site and accomplished their mission of adjusting the full-closed liquid resistor soft starters imported by Paipur for about ten days. The results showed that the starting current of all motors were controlled within 1.2 times less than rated current, and the starting process went very smoothly without any shock to the mechanic equipments.
  On the other hand, we continued to let their technicians accept related professional training about how to daily maintain the equipments and deal with emergencies.
  So far, all the equipments run very well. The customer also expresses their satisfaction with our products in functions, quality and services after we make a further contact with them later. And they still proclaim that they will be content to keep long-term cooperation relationship with Worldwide Group.

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