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Worldwide Electric Company Holds Electric Industry Expert Te
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In the afternoon of 24th May, Worldwide Electric Company solemnly held the first session of the first 2014 Electric Industry Experts Committee Conference in Worldwide Electric Company Multi-function conference hall. There are 8 experts of Worldwide Electric Company Industrial experts committee attending the meeting. Chairman and General Manger, Shiyun Zhao of Worldwide Electric Company, Vice General Manger- Minghui Li, Each Sales department leader of Marketing and Sales Center and Wuhan r&d center energy study team member attend the meeting.

         Xueqiang Fu-Manager of Wuhan R&D center first introduced the basic situation, main functions and application cases of power distribution network intelligent optimization, save electricity system. Then, the attending experts present in aspects of power saving system related to "energy saving technology research", "system functional improvement", "energy saving methods and strategies", "the future development direction of energy saving”, and raise ideas and suggestions in combination with their respective field. Hereafter, energy saving research members communicate with these industrial experts. The whole meeting atmosphere is warm, making the two sides own much more deeply learning and understanding. Participants all express that this meeting and the suggestions from the industrial experts play an important role in the energy saving research and marking. It has far-reaching significance to build Worldwide Electric Company into “Chinese System Energy Saving Expert”, and to push Worldwide Electric Company into a new round of rapid development lane.

         It is understood that this is first industry creation of industry experts participating in the enterprise technology innovation. The industry expert team hired by Worldwide Electric is from well-known universities, research- design institutions and industry key enterprises. They carry out in-depth research of Worldwide Electric various fields, giving advice and suggestions to speed up the popularization and application of power saving system, participating in important technical seminars and promote activities related to power saving system.

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