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Worldwide Electric power saving system has the honor to get
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Worldwide Electric power saving system has the honor to get the municipal scientific and technological progress second prize. "Intelligent distribution network optimization power saving system" is Worldwide Electric’s major innovation project for taking two or three years research and development and the most important core products supporting Worldwide Electric’s enterprise transformation development. This system integratedly uses three methods of "equipment power saving system", "process control optimization of power saving", "management strategy optimization power saving" in order to maximumly lower the electricity consumption of user’s distribution network system and the whole production line, implement energy saving 5% to 30%, improve the production efficiency and enhance the management level of user’s information and automation management.The system has started to fully into the market. Preliminary forecast, annual sales revenue of the system will soon break out one billion. It is reported, the system has passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal in 2013. Evaluation experts agree that the system fills the domestic blank and its technology reaches the international advanced level.
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