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“Company Introduction
Worldwide Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Worldwide Electric) is a science and technology joint-stock enterprise on the integration of scientific research and development, production and sales, technical services. It was established in March 2000 and mainly engages in the research and development, design, production, sales and consulting services of the electrical energy saving and control,  the related high and low voltage components, devices, equipments and complete sets of high and low voltage system integration, system software and hardware, system engineering technology and products and goods import and export business.
Worldwide Electric always adheres to the business philosophy of “produce brand product, create brand service, become brand enterprise” and the development strategy of “always pursuit of one step ahead”. Our company pays attention to accelerate the development of enterprise and exercise the enterprise sustainable development ability through continuously paying special attention to the enterprise brand construction and innovation ability construction. The sales network is all over of all provinces, cities and municipalities. Some products are exported to more than 50 countries in four continents.
Today's Worldwide Electric, being walked from "motor starting control" to "electrical equipment system integration," from "motor energy saving" to "full production lines (electricity network) system energy saving", from "simply providing equipment" to simultaneously "providing 'system equipment', 'total solutions' and 'service'," so as to promote enterprise to transform from the "production-oriented enterprises" to "production service company"! And the "power distribution network intelligent optimization, save electricity system" which is the the major innovation energy-saving products as the core support, concentrated in the energy saving in various industrie, committed to the user’s power distribution network system energy saving, service user’s energy management centre construction, to become "Chinese system energy expert."
The next few years, Worldwide Electric will continue to accelerate enterprise transformation, highlighting the development of "energy-saving products and technologies" to promote business into the fast lane of leap frog development as soon as possible. Try another five years Worldwide Electric will develop into large science and technology companies have annual sales income of 3 billion RMB, Worldwide Group develop into large enterprise group which has an annual sales of 5 billion RMB , pursuing "Worldwide dream", walk into the whole world! 

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